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New Armed Forces Data Raises More Concerns About KERA — Kentuckians Score Lower, Enlistments Decline Relative to Other States November 1997 Kera Update #19
New Youth Unemployment Data Raise Sharp Question — Is KERA Meeting its most Important Goal — Preparing Children for Life?
November 1997 Kera Update #20
Kentucky Education Review for 1997
January 1998 Kera Update #21
Kentucky Education Standards Get Failing Grades in New Reports
March 1998 Kera Update #22
The KIRIS 8 Percent Dropout Rate Proposal is Child Unfriendly!
March 1998 Kera Update #23
Where’d They Goooooooooooooooo???!!!!
April 1998 Kera Update #24
April 1998 *Kera Update #25
Where’d They Gooooooooo??!! (Dropouts, Part II)
June 1998 Kera Update #26
CATS’ Education Standards — Are They Good Enough?
July 1998 Kera Update #27
1998 ACT and SAT Scores Are In
September 1998 Kera Update #28
ACT and Kentucky, There’s Lots More to the Story
October 1998 Kera Update #29
Where’d They Go (Yet Again)????
October 1998 Kera Update #30
Trend disparities this large suggest appreciable inflation of gains on KIRIS (Quoted from: Report MR 1014, RAND Corporation)
December 1998 Kera Update #31
"Misinformed, Misled, Flawed, The Legacy of KIRIS,
Kentucky’s First Experiment with OBE Testing"
January 1999 Kera Update #32
Problem with the NAEP 1998 Reading Test — More Students Excluded
March 1999 Kera Update #33
Dropouts: They just keep going and going, right out of our schools!
July 1999 Kera Update #34
1999 ACT Scores — First Comments
August 1999 Kera Update #35
No Trends Possible With the New CATS? Really?
October 1999 Kera Update #36
First Comments On The Prichard Committee’s Gaining Ground
December 1999 Kera Update #37
January 2000 Kera Update #38
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